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The 21st Century Learning

The “21st century learning” is generally used to refer to a certain core competencies such as collaboration, digital literacy, critical thinking, and problem-solving that teachers  need to teach and to help students thrive in today’s world.

The Partnership 21st Century Education, 2002 ( and the Four-Dimensional Education, (Fadel, C. Trilling, B. Bialik, M., 2015) are the two fundamental 21st century frameworks that have been considered and  integrated in the development CIDS for teachers to design their instructions.

However, the Four-Dimensional Education (CCR, 2015) will be fully referred to as the 21st Century Learning Framework in the CIDS version 9.0 that will be released in early 2021.

How do teachers design their instruction—unleash the learners’ potentials and provide opportunities in developing and generating their minds?

The Strategical and systematic learner-centered approaches are required in enhancing and sustaining the quality of education in the 21st century learning through an innovative and collaborative instructional design model.