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……connecting……. communicating…….. sharing…….……

The Professional Learning Community (PLC) is a “hub” connecting professionals  in various fields   including teachers and students collaboratively by engaging in sharing of information virtually through forum, video chat, video conference and other features for  building future high-quality generations fulfilling the needs of the Industrial  Revolution era 4.0 (IR4. 0) and the Smart Society 5.0 (Society 5.0)

You may join as a member of any of the following communities as appropriate. Your valuable contribution is a great help for teachers and students to relate their studies to the future industrial needs in determining the career paths.

Saluran Komunikasi
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Professional Learning Communities Public  Communities

TeacherCommunity logo of Teacher

Expert teachers directly involved in classroom practices. Teachers with special educational skills.

Community logo of Professional Professional

Industrial and corporate sectors. Engineers, architects, designers, entrepreneurs, scientists, lawyers and other sectors.

Community logo of EducatorEducator

Professors, lecturers, tutors in higher learning institutions. Lecturers in teacher training institutes and others related to educational practices.

Community logo of AdministratorAdministrator

Officials from schools, colleges or higher learning institutions. Personnel from the Ministry of Education and other ministries. Personnel/Managers from industrial and corporate sectors

Community logo of LearnersLearner

School students at various levels, undergraduates, trainee teachers etc.

Community logo of ResearchersResearcher

Researchers in various fields of studies.

Community logo of PrivatePrivate  Communities

You may create your own community exclusively while others may  request for membership