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Virtual Learning – E-Forum – User Manual






  1. What is Virtual Learning?
  • Virtual learning (VL) is a learning experience that is enhanced through utilizing computers and/or the internet both outside and inside the facilities of the educational organization.
  • It is also known as e-learning, digital learning, hybrid learning, home learning, or other related terms.
  • The instruction most commonly takes place in an online environment.
  • The teaching activities are carried out online whereby the teacher and learners are physically separated (in terms of place, time, or both).
  • Distance learning is conducted in a virtual learning environment with electronic study content designed for self-paced (asynchronous) or lives web-conferencing (synchronous) online teaching and tutoring.



  1. What devices and tools to be used?
  • Use any device from a smartphone (simple application such as WhatsApp, video calls, etc.) to laptops and tabs.
  • Use innovative tools and strategies (using education applications such as Google Classroom, Google Meet, Zoom, Apple learning Centre, Edmodo, etc.) that can be applied in a smartphone, laptop, and other devices.
  1. CIDS: PLC – Virtual Learning (PLC-VL)
    •  PLC-VL integrates/links all the above tools and applications.
    •  PLC-VL provides 3 alternatives strategies from simple to more challenging features depending on users’ capabilities and their knowledge in ICT.
  1. Strategy 1: Professional Learning Community e-Forum (a simple interactive virtual learning)
  2. Strategy 2: Digital Flipped Learning (comprehensive virtual learning platform based on Moodle application) – Refer to Digital Flipped Learning: User manual
  • Strategy 3: Interactive Video Conferencing (Webinar using a wide selection of communication tools) integrated into both strategies as a means of a virtual meeting.
    • PLC-VL allows students-lecturer/teacher interaction in the invitational virtual learning session.
    • PLC-VL capable of integrating links of the virtual learning activities to the lesson plan (administrators will be able to access resources of the PLC-VL activities).
    • Basic knowledge of ICT is required in implementing visual learning in school.


Professional Learning Community e-Forum

(Participation in an interactive e-forum Professional Learning Community via laptop or smartphone)

  • Professional Learning Community e-Forum (synchronous or asynchronous) – teacher-student interaction.

(Synchronous communication means that two or more people exchange information in real-time. Asynchronous communication refers to the exchange of data between two or more parties without the requirement for all the recipients to respond immediately)



  • It is simple & practical features
  • User may use a laptop or smartphone as a medium
  • It is an interactive virtual forum platform
  • Similar to the Facebook concept – already known to everybody even children
  • Able to insert text (for instructions), video clips from YouTube, audio, or images as a stimulus.
  • Links to Google Classroom to access resources created and stored in the Google drive or the one drive (notes, assignments, etc.) and google search for accessing other external resources.
  • It will enhance the lesson conducted and inspired learners



A. Create private interaction room/site

    • Create your own private room/site – to enable home-based virtual learning.

B. Preparation of teaching materials (modules, links)

      • From application – document, slide, etc. from the various application (Google or Microsoft learning packages etc.), and external storage (exp. Google Drive, One Drive etc.)
      • You may also link to YouTube, Google Classroom, Google Search engine, etc., or any website URL.

C. Student Registration/Enrolment

    • Register your student individually or in the group (bulk registration)recommended
    • Students may register by themselves.
    • Enrol your student in the room/site.



Procedure 1: Login to Virtual Learning (Homepage) – E-Forum

Login to CIDS – Login to CIDS – Login as usual to CIDS main page using the same CIDS ID

  1. Press PLC – Virtual Learning at the main menu
  2. Press Virtual Learning (Homepage) – E-Forum
  3. Press Private Communities – to create private interaction room/site

The PLC Homepage will appear as below:



Procedure 2: Update your profile (recommended for the first time user)

  1. Press My Profile
  2. Fill in the required information & press Save Changes at the bottom of the page.


  1. Press Change Profile Photo – to insert your photo
  2. You may Select File to Upload Photo from your local drive
  3. Or press Take Photo to take a snapshot from your device.
  4. Press Capture and Save (for snapshot)





  • It is recommended that the community group is created under the teacher’s name, not by subject or class.
  • It will avoid too many communities being created.
  • However, teachers are free to determine their ways of creating their community
  • Students will log into the e-Forum once the learning activities have been prepared by the teachers
  • Notifications can be made through schedules delivered at the beginning of the interaction, or through the teachers’ messages
  • It can also be notified via a group of what apps or by other methods


  1. Press Create a Community
  2. Fill in the Details of the Community to be created
  3. Press Create Community and Continue to Photos (please follow the instructions)


  1. Press Settings (keep the default setting)
  2. Press Next Step


  1. Press Select your File
  2. Search & select the logo file from your folder (create a logo for your group)


Resize (crop) the photo

  1. Press Crop Image to save the image

Your logo will appear on the screen. You can delete or replace the photo





You can insert various materials in this e-forum (materials from Google Classroom – Google Doc, slides, etc.), video clips from YouTube, images, audio recordings from sound recorders, video recording from a smartphone or other devices, materials from Goggle Drive storage, One Drive, etc. depending on your skills and creativity. Learning will be interesting if the lecturer/teacher is creative enough to provide his materials to his students instead of just copying links from materials created by other teachers.

You can use laptops or smartphones for this e-Forum Digital Learning.

Please take note that there are slight differences in application characteristics (application features) between laptops and smartphones (please explore).


It is better to prepare your CIDS lesson plans, materials (documents/video, identify links, etc.) before preparing your lesson in E-Forum. E-Forum is a tool/platform that integrates all learning materials.


Features of e-Forum

    • There are submenus for various functions/links

To create an activity in the lesson (insert instruction & links)

The following items are recommended to be included in the content of the forum:

    • Enter a Subject, Topic, Discussion topic, etc.
    • Write in short – instructions/questions (what students need to do)
    • Write a short introduction of the content and perhaps a few important points
    • Insert link materials  (One link per delivery) for further readings
      • Examples: link from Google Drive, One Drive, Google Classroom, YouTube, Websites, etc.
      • The file must be shareable for all.



Example 1: video link

Press on the YouTube menu button

  1. Find a Video Clip and copy the URL
  2. Return to the E-Forum and Paste URL
  3. Press Send/Post


After press Post/Post Update – it will display as follows:


Example: From Google Classroom

  1. Press on the relevant button (Example: Go to the Google Classroom page)
  2. Search for materials (stored in Google Drive)
  3. Copy file (make sure it has shared permissions for all)

Paste in e-forum space

Press Post

  • You may find materials for other links – Google image, Google Info, Google Meet, etc.
  • You may record audio – save it to Google drive or One Drive and then insert the link in the e-forum.
  • You may do a video recording – upload it to YouTube and then copy the link to the e-forum.
  • There is much more that can be done with your creativity to create strategies.
  • The PLC-CIDS Digital Learning features are constantly updated to improve the learning process.
  • There are also limitations (restrictions) on this application.


Chat Room


While you are in the e-Forum, the Chat room will appear at the bottom right-hand corner. Chat can be used as students’ informal discussion before writing in the e-forum.

  1. Press Public Chatroom to interact with everyone
  2. Or Press the specific name in the Public Chatroom to interact privately.
  3. You may send messages, attach files, and images