Please take note that CIDS is a flexible instructional design tool. You may choose minimum features/items or add optional items to design your instructional planning to cater to your needs. Most of the items are customizable to formulate the instructional activities.



CIDS needs all users to register using the ID given accordingly. All information should be entered correctly to avoid errors in the instructional planning. 

Types of ID

Administratorscids_head (followed by numbers) for school administrators – ability to monitor/verify lesson plans

Coordinators – cids_admin (followed by numbers) for  technical admin – ability to customize certain common items for all institution members – coordinators need to register first,  follow by others.

Guide (senior teachers) –  cids_guide (followed by numbers) for evaluators – ability to insert comments on the teachers’ lesson plans activities.

Teacher (all teachers) – cids_teacher (followed by numbers) – ability to perform instructional planning

Administrators at district/state/national/country levels (optional) – a separate IDs will be given upon request to manage the records (evaluate/guide/monitor) at the respective level.

Registration – for all levels of the institution (School, District,/State Education office) –  initiated by coordinator (CIDS technical admin let the coordinator register first) followed by other users.

(1) Procedures

    • Visit to go to the main page

(Please use Google Chrome browser for best display)

    • Enter the Username and Password and press the Login button.
    • Login for the first time – you are taken to the My Profiles page to complete your personal information.
    • Fill in the blanks provided on the My Profiles display following the guidance to the right of each blank space.
    • Certain parts you need to press and select the pre-set contents
    • Press Save
    • All information is editable.

    • Personal Photo – every user should have an official photo (jpeg file) – passport size to be uploaded in the system
    • Digital Signature (optional)digital signature for administrators & all users
    • Press Save Profile and wait for the response
    • An error message will be appear if the size of photos are exceeding (large size) than the recommended size. Please edit and reload the photo using different file name
    • Sometimes you need to logout and login again for photo (institutional logo and personal photo) to appear in the application.
    • You may edit the profile later.

(2) Error & Solution

    • Photo turn into a black image
      • Reason – Photo size exceeding 1000kb or photo file format (jpeg)
    • Action:
      • Crop or get another photo with a different file name/or get a proper file format (jpeg)
      • Reload and Save
    • Photo – Improper position (in PC it looks normal)
    • Reason – the photo was taken in a different position
    • Action:
      • Edit the photo (use other editors)
      • Rename the file (different name)
      • Reload the photo & Save

Sometimes you need to logout & login again for a photo to appear in the application.

User will be taken to the ASIE Model interface.

    • Press the ASIE Model Icon in the center to start instructional planning.
    • Other icons are shortcuts to perform specific activities.
    • You will be taken to the ASIE Integral Instructional Design Model page

    • Press ProfileInstitution profile (for coordinator only)
    • Complete the required information.
    • Press Save

    • Institution Logo – for institution – coordinator need to upload logo (png file – size not exceeding 200kb) – it will automatically appears to all users in the same institution (for institution & premium packages).
    • You may logout and login again if the logo does not appear.
    • CIDS VideoCorps – tick to enable the communication feature (CIDS-VideoCorps).

Users may edit the profile:

Press Profile at the main menu of the model and select Edit My Profile

  • Certain features in instructional planning  may appear to specific ID type only and will determine the function/role in managing the instructional plans.

Information required in the registration is subjected to changes.



(manage by coordinator only)

Classes created/edited will be useable by all members of the school)

(1)  Create A Class

    • Press Settings Create New Class

    • Press and select information on the Class Category and Class Level 
    • Fill in the Class Name and select or fill in the Number of Students
    • Please follow the instructions on the right side of the space to get an example
    • Press Save

(2) Teaching Time

 Teaching Time Setting – set the time and amount of DLP – Daily Lesson Plan (by all CIDS users)

    • Press SettingsTeaching Period
    • Select the school session time information

By default information on general time setting of the school has been selected. This Information Does Not Need To Be Changed If This Information  is Within the range of Your Timetable

    • Select School session start time
    • Select School session end time
    • Select  Maximum period per session

    • Fill in the teaching time information (no need to enter break time, etc.)
    • Select Day
    • Select Class Name
    • Select Subject and Subject Category
    • Select Time
    • Select the number of Periods
    • Select the number of DLPs that needs to be created at given period.
    • Press Add/enter
    • Repeat the above steps to add more subjects
    • Press and drag a specific strip to arrange the table (if necessary)
    • Press Save
    • Press Add Timetable Set to create a 2nd Schedule (for schools that adopt a Flexible Timetable or in certain circumstances the school needs 2 set of timetables)
    • Press View Timetable if necessary to check the schedule
    • If Error is displayed – it means there is an overlap of time or incorrect AM -PM selection. Please check and correct.
    • Press the time slot to edit.

(3) CREATE YIP – Yearly Instructional Planning  (optional – for the beginning of the year only – for those who do not have their YIP)

  • Press Record Yearly Instructional Planning (Press & select information on Item Class Category, Class Level, Subject Category, Subject & Year)
  • Press Create YIP or Search for YIP if it has already been created.
  • Press & select or enter information in a specific space
  • Press Add
  • Can be continued by adding the following week’s information on the same subject until the end of the year.
  • Each time a week is added, press Add
  • Press Submit for Endorsement (to be seen by the administrator and verify it).
  • Each week planned in the YIP will automatically become a MIW – a weekly plan to be selected in the creation of  DLP – daily lesson plan.
  • You can upload other YIP that you have created/copied from other application or other related materials available on a local drive (in a folder of your computer), on Google Drive, One Drive, or on any storage)
  • Press Upload YIP Material – Your YIP file (s)  will be uploaded and listed.


(click on each information icon for a brief description of the required information to be filled in)

Press Create New Record

    • Fill in Record Name
    • Select the correct Subject Category and Subject Name.
    • For the first time, refer to the Subject Category List if the content is provided in the system/or refer to the coordinator.
    • Select and fill in the required information.
    • Press the information icon and read the information.

(Do not select HBL or STEM, STEAM, STREAM Learning Plans unless it is required )

Press Create Record

    • Complete the date & week of study

    • Press and select or copy and paste or fill in the required information
    • Press Add or press enter for each content written
    • You can also add new items  (please refer to the Change Settings manual).
    • Press Save at the end of the display.
    • Each time Save button is pressed you will be taken to the information display to continue the planning process.(For blended classes/modular learning please refer to the Modular Learning Manual)

    • Press Next Aspect or the relevant item box (example: Learners’ Profile) to continue planning.
    • Please read and follow the instructions for the other features (Create Modular Learning, Link to YIP Resources & Create New Record)

 (2) Learners’ Readiness

    • Press to select content
    • Fill in to add content and press enter

 (3) Type of Media 

    • Press Type of Media to select media
    • Press Save Type of Media immediately after the selection

(4) Instructional Media Integration

    • Select the appropriate content on Instructional Media Integration
    • Press Save


(1) 21st Century Learning Skills

    • Select the type of skills required (there are 4 skills – you may choose more than one is necessary)
    • Press and select the required content
    • You may fill in and press enter if necessary

(2) Methods, Techniques, approaches

You may select all items/a few items to accommodate your instructional planning

You may also select content or fill in.

    •  Select the required item
    • Press and select the required content

(3) Assessment

    • Select the required item
    • Press and select the required content

E. BUILDING CHARACTER –Fostering Values ​

    • Select the required item
    • Press and select the required content
    • Press Save
    • Press Next Aspect/graphic box to continue


(1) Meta-Learning

    • Select the required item
    • Press and select the required content
    • Press Save
    • Press Next Aspect/graphic box to continue

(2) Instructional Events

    • Sustain the default setting of the Instructional Events
    • Change the settings if necessary (refer change setting information – manual)
    • Press Save
    • Press Next Aspect/graphic box to continue


G. EDIT MIW – Create DLP

Press Edit MIW  & Create DLP

    • Click on the schedule icon
    • Select & press the required schedule (teaching slot – error message will appear if the selection is mismatched – read carefully the message and make changes)
    • Abled/unable the planning items on the MIW that are required to create the DLP on a specific day
    • Press Create DLP on the menu bar below
    • You may fill in manually other teaching period too (if any) with the same subject

    • Fill in learning activities
    • You may select Time (estimated teaching duration required for each step)
    • Press Save DLP
    • Press Submit For Endorsement for the administrator to view the lesson plan

 H. COPY RECORD (optional)

    • Press Open Record
    • Identify the record
    • Press Copy

    • Fill in information.
    • Specify the date
    • Press Copy

Read information for further copy options

(1) Copy all Records In Bulk

(2) Select records and Copy in bulk

    • Click on the Copy. Tickbox to activate it.
    • Tick other records you wish to select.
    • Scroll down and press Bulk Copy (for more than 1 record).
    • Scroll down and activate (tick) SELECT ALL box (if you want to select all records listed within the page)
    • Please read the instructions and description provided.
    • Specify the year you want to place the copied record.
    • Press Copy. Records will be listed on your records according to the stated year and month.



To copy URL/material from the source is subjected to the features of the source (application).  It may keep on changing from time to time beyond the control of CIDS.

You may follow your method and creativity to serve the purpose.

    • Operating System (OS) available on laptops/tablets/and mobile phones will cause differences in how to copy and paste material. You are advised to explore by yourself.
    • The method described below or on the menu of  CIDS is for laptop applications in the current situation.

(1) Local folder

    • Click on the Link to Sharing  Resource button
    • Click on the local folder icon
    • Press Choose File
    • Select the file from your folder and press open
    • Press Upload

(2) Link to YouTube

    • Click on the YouTube icon (follow the steps to upload the video)
    • Find the relevant video clip, and copy the URL address
    • Paste in the Insert Link space
    • Press Link
    • Press Close

(3) Image from Google Image

    • Click on the Google Image icon
    • Search for the image through google and press “copy image address” or other options on the image.
    • Paste in the Insert Link space
    • Press Link
    • Press Close

(4) Material links to other sources/external storage.

(You may receive a message to register before you can use them).  Examples: 

    • Material Links from Google Drive
    • Material Links from Google Classroom
    • Material Links from Microsoft OneDrive

(5) Procedures – Press on the relevant icon:

    • Copy the link to the relevant material – file.
    • Make sure the material is set up so that it can be shared by all users.
    • Paste at the Insert Link space
    • Press Link
    • Press Close



    • Press Open Record
    • By default the page in the current month and on the first page (if more than 1 page)
    • Press the month and page number if the record is not in the current month
    • Press Open
    • By default MIW is displayed
    • Click on a specific class and DLP for editing
    • Press Edit and start edit the content
    • Press Save after finishing editing
    • Press Resend for Endorsement if it is displayed. This indicates your record has been verified and requires to re-verify if necessary.
    • The notice Resend for Endorsement will not be displayed if your record has not been verified yet.
    • Once it is Save it will automatically send for endorsement.


K. SHARE RECORD (optional)

(1) Sharing

    • Press Open Record
    • Identify the Record to be shared and press Share
    • Press Recipient ID List (same school)
    • Select the name of the teacher (s) to be shared
    • Enter the ID (s) (not name) manually if the teacher to be shared is at another school in the same district or state or in another district, state or country.
    • Press Share
    • Press Confirm
    • Press Close

(2) Receiving Records (open shared record)

    • Press Record – Shared Record

    • Press Copy at the specific record (records need to be copied before assessing it)

    • Rename the record if necessary
    • Enter a specific date
    • Press Copy – Close

(3) Find a copied Record

    • Press Open record
    • The record is displayed
    • Open MIW/DLP for editing (class info) and fill/edit the planning content if necessary


L. PRINT/SAVE PDF (optional)

    • Press Open record
    • Press on the Print/Save PDF option.
    • Please select the options available on the Print/Save PDF menu according to the printing device (printer menu)
    • Select “Print” or “Save PDF”
    • Select the name of the folder you want to save on your computer
    • Option 1: By default – Print/Save PDF: Full set of MIW – Print the full version of MIW and DLP.
    • You can also select the pages to Print/Save the PDF.
    • Option 2: Print/Save a simplified DLP
    • Press DLP List – Print/Save a simplified version of the specific DLP
    • Press Print/Save PDF


 M. CHANGE SETTINGS (optional – advance level)

(Allows customization of items by users)

Change Settings – changing the arrangement or adding new items to existing aspects of the ASIE model

Arrangement/addition of items can be made to each of the aspects found in Component (1) Analyze, and Component (2) Strategize.

The default arrangement/items can be displayed again by pressing the Reset Button button.

(i) Example 1 – Change Instructional Profile settings

    • Press Change Instructional Profile Settings on the opened record

    • Select new item in the list or
    • Create the new item & Press Add
    • Read instructions
    • Press Save
    • Press Reset to reset to default settings

(2) Example 2 – Change Instructional Events Settings

    • Press Change Instructional Events Settings
    • Follow instructions



( A combination of subjects (example – mathematics & science) for a same class level – single class (example – 1st Grade) – or for a combination of different class level & different subjects – combined class & combined subject (example 1st Grade & 2 Grade, mathematics & science)

 (Combined class – You have to create  a Class Name – for combined classes either at the same level (example – 1 Alpha 1 Beta – the name of the class – 1AB etc. or different level 1 Alpha 2 Alpha (1A2A) before proceed the following steps) 

(1) Example 1 – a combination of 2 different subject in a same class level – single class 1 grade – 1 Alpha)

Step 1: Create New Record

      • Create New Record for the first subject (example – Science)
      • Complete the instructional profile
      • Press Save
      • At the procedural direction press Modular Learning – for a second subject – example Mathematics

    • Select all information needed.
    • Press Add Modular
    • You may add multiple subjects & repeat the process
    • Press Close

    • Fill in all the required information
    • Press enter after fill in the information
    • Press Save
    • Complete the instructional planning procedures until to the end
    • At the MIW the information of Modular learning is displayed as follows:

    • Follow the next step to
    • Press and select Class Level: Example Year 2 (for blended classes 2-3) or Year 5 (for blended classes of years 4-5)
    • Write the Class Name: Example of Year 2-3 Alpha or Year 4-5 Alpha
    • Press and Select Number of Students:



CIDS provides endorsement/verification features for administrators at all levels according to the ID given.

  • Endorse/verify all lesson plans
  • insert comments/guidance


Option 1: A. Select record at Open Record button

  • Press Open Record
  • Press Endorsement besides the check box
  • A specific record will be displayed
  • Follow further instruction to endorse/verify
  • Bulk Endorsement/verification are available to perform with instructions given

Option 2: Supervision list – a list of selected users under the supervision

This option allows you to select/deselect users under your supervision

  • Press Profile Search User Profile
  • Press Search User button
  • A list of users are displayed
  • Tag names of users under your supervision at the supervision column

To view the selected users:

  • Press Supervised Record at the top menu
  • A list of names displayed
  • Press the individual name to verify the record 0r..
  • For Bulk verification, tag the names required and press Bulk Verification

  • Select/Fill in the required information
  • Press Verify
  • Refer information/video clip for help