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Designing Strategies

Designing strategies are the procedural flow of the instructional planning following the components of the model.


  • Instructional profile—the instructional planning begins by identifying the instructional profile which refers to several customized items such as subject, content standard, learning standard, performance standard, learning outcome, learning objectives and other related items.
  • Learners’ profiles – such as psychometric test inventory and other relevant profiles are also analyzed and identified for the purpose of an appropriate selection of instructional media/materials according to their learners’ attributes.
  • Instructional media profile— types of media, element and composition in relation to the learners’ attributes and instructional profile are identified and selected in the instructional planning.


  • Integrating media—instructional media integration strategies identified in the planning.
  • Accommodating skills— features of the 21st century learning skills are selected.
  • Apply tools—various instructional tools (techniques, methods, approaches (Newby, et al. 2000) and appropriate thinking tools especially dealing with the principle of higher order thinking skills are selected.
  • Instill values—aspect of moral values are specified and selected .
  • Instructional questions— They are essential questions for the topic which formed instructional strategies in the Multiple Integration Worksheet (MIW).


  • Teachers may use MIW as an overall planning (macro level) or individual daily lesson plan (micro level) for classroom practices.
  • Improvising may take place to ensure its appropriateness and effectiveness on the learners in the learning & teaching environment.


The final component is the evaluation stage whereby responses from feedback are gathered to revise and evaluate the instructional planning strategies in the respective component and aspect of the model. It is a reflection process for future instructional redesigning opportunities.