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    Instructional Design Tool For Teachers

  • An Innovative 21st Century Classroom-Based Instructional Design Model

  • Moving forwards to the virtual learning environment

  • Connecting teachers to the borderless world

    A professional & systematic Instructional design tool

    Planning solution for best classroom practices.
    Fulfill the 21st century education framework & learners’ competencies following the principles of the instructional design model.

    Highly customizable

    There are options for customizing the default Planning items.

    Collaborating, Communicating & Sharing

    Materials created can be shared upon request. Allow interaction through communication features.

    Enhance a Home based learning requirement

    Simple & effective strategies for creating home – based instructional planning & activities.


    Global Education Thought Leader, Author, Futurist, Inventor, Founder & Chairman, Center for Curriculum Redesign, USA Project Director at Harvard Graduate School of Education, USA

    The 4 Dimensional Education (4DEdu) framework has been selected as the 21st Century Learning Framework in the Collaborative Instructional Design System (CIDS).

    The 4DEdu CIDS guides user in the instructional planning: redesigning, reconstructing, and reengineering academic directions, visualizing the current Education landscape towards preparing learners’ future career path that is relevant to the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

    – Charles Fadel

    The Collaborative Instructional Design System (CIDS)



    It is an innovative 21st Century Instructional Design System for best classroom practices based on the Four-Dimensional Education framework (Center for Curriculum Redesign, CCR) and other elements of current education needs.

    • CIDS comprises of An Integral ASIE Instructional Design Model and The Professional Learning Community (PLC).
    • You may read or download materials from the user manual for its application procedures or read and review the full description of CIDS through A Handbook of CIDS.
    • You can log in as a guest for an immediate online trial version with limited features and functions by using the following username and password.

    All features (class category, class level, subject, teaching period & time table) have been preset regardless of the country origin. Please do not change the setting to avoid errors.

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    You may email to us [email protected]  for more information.

    Design Instruction Professionally

    Guide teachers in producing high-quality instructional planning following the 21st-Century Four-Dimensional Education framework & other elements of current education needs. Creating professional, systematic & pedagogical-rich best classroom practices for weekly & daily lesson plans as well as co-curricular activities.

    Developing & Sharing Resources

    Allow teachers to develop & share their instructional planning & resources in establishing the globally competitive, critical, & creative “thinking out of the box” learners towards the challenging world of Industrial Revolution 4.0

    Home-Based Learning

    Enable teachers to customize the home-based instructional planning. Guide on different pedagogical approaches, instructional procedures & instructional delivery. Allows students to share & engage in the activities.

    Professional Learning Community

    Enable teachers to enhance their instructional quality in The Professional Learning Community (PLC). Professionals from various communities are also capable to contribute ideas and engage in sharing information with learners virtually.

    Virtual Communication

    Enable teachers, learners, parents, and communities to be collaboratively involved virtually in guiding and sharing information using CIDS-VideoCorps.

    Evaluating Teachers’ Competencies​

    An integrated approach in evaluating teachers’ competence. Items are structurally constructed and highly customizable for an adaptation in any education system.

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