LESSON STUDY – User Manual

Lesson Study is a form of classroom inquiry in which several teachers collaboratively plan, teach, observe, revise and share the results of a single class lesson.

  • CIDS provides customizable Observation & Reflection forms for the Lesson Study process as well as a customizable rubric as an option to assist the monitoring process.

Members of the lesson study consists of:

  • the presenter (teacher (s) involved in the teaching & learning process)
  • several observers (colleagues)
  • knowledgeable others (KO) – instructional leader/lecturer/Subject Matter Expertise (SME)

Procedures: For Teachers

  1. Create DLP (Daily Lesson Plan) for lesson study – (refer User Manual – Getting Started)

Note: For lesson study, teachers collaboratively in groups create a complete DLP or it can be created by of one of the lesson study group members and share with others.  All the names of the members involved will be included in the Observation form & Reflection form later.

  1. At the end of the DLP, mark √ in the Ready for Observation – (to place the record in the Lesson study list automatically)

Procedures: For Observer/Evaluator – Search Lesson Study

Note: The Observation Form is accessed by all evaluators/observers while the Reflection Form is only filled in by one of the evaluators/observers representing the others in the reflection session (discussion) based on their respective Observation Forms.

Option 1:

  1. Press Evaluation on the main menu
  2. Press Search & Create Lesson Study on the submenu
  3. Press View to view MIW

4. Or Press Lesson Study to perform the activities

5. The red color indicates that this DLP is ready for evaluation/observation

6.  The green color indicates that this DLP has been evaluated/observed

7. Press Observation Form if you are the evaluator

8. Press Reflection Report if you are the team leader


Option 2:

  1. Press Open Record
  2. Select the specific record & press DLP
  3. DLP is displayed.
  4. Press the Lesson Study button on the DLP end menu
  5. Follow instructions for evaluation/observation procedures as in the 1st option

You may follow the following links for more information on Lesson Study:

  1. https://www.uwlax.edu/sotl/lsp/overview.htm
  2. https://lessonresearch.net/about-lesson-study/why-lesson-study/