Designing of instruction in fulfilling the needs of the 21st-century learning is becoming more challenging to teachers.

The ASIE Model developed will be able to address the current education landscape at improving the dynamics of the teaching and learning process in establishing a globally competitive learner that meets the future employability  requirements.

The model emphasizes on learning (learner – centered approach) rather than solely instructional delivery in establishing a more “active and innovative “learning environment.

Its moves from adopting a standard approach, to developing models that could be customized to the 21st  century needs of each learner and thereby creating a much better learning experience both in classroom and online.

New ASIE Model 3.0 version

The new 3.0 version of the model have more features including the creation of lesson plans as well as the creation of Professional Learning Community (PLC). This user friendly and interactive ID model will be a value added to the present practices in instructional designing.

You are welcome to use the model by downloading information from this web-site. You are advised to read the information and fully understand the concept of the model before applying in the teaching and learning process.

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