A. Questions related to ID

1. Why my name is not on the school list?

    • Check on My Profile
    • Check on the options – District Name, Institution Name (School), School Code – should be selected NOT WRITTEN         

2. Why there are two of my names on the school list?

    • Possibility of using more than one ID
    • Admin can check it out
    • Use only one ID – others give to admin to be deleted

3. Why is the number of my school members displayed more on the analysis page?

    • The admin checks on the number of members inserted in the institution profile
    • Members should be involved in teaching only.

4. Why is the picture on my profile completely black?

    • Large (kb) image size – should not exceed 1000kb (see instructions)
    • Upload another picture – use a different file name
    • Logout and login again for the new picture to appear
    • Contact an IT teacher for assistance

5. Why is the picture on the model display upside down while on the profile page the position is correct?

    • The original picture is taken horizontally.
    • Change/re – edit pictures
    • Upload the picture with another file name
    • Log in/log out for pictures to reappear
    • Contact an IT teacher for help

6. If I forget my password what should I do?

    • Inform the admin
    • The admin can reset the password (refer to the user manual)
    • Password should be not less than 8 characters
    • You need to change the original password to avoid being hacked

7. If I can’t login, what should I do?

    • It is possible that your ID is incorrect or your Password has been changed
    • Chances are you didn’t change the original ID and someone logged in and changed the password.
    • If this happens, please contact the admin.

8. If my ID is used by another user, what should I do?

    • Contact admin for assistance
    • Do not change existing information or change it to your name.

9. If I move to another school what should I do?

    • ID is still retained. Edit information on My Profile
    • Select new district/school & save
    • All DLPs can still be maintained
    • The school logo will change to the new school automatically.

10. If there is a change/promotion/position of users, what should be done?

    • IDs are still retained despite different positions
    • Admin can edit the Profiles of the users involved to change roles.
    • Admin – please refer to the user manual

B. Questions on Instructional Planning

  1. Why do the  instructional activities written/ copied to IPA disappear after saving?
    • Make sure the instructional activities  written/copied from any source (what apps/textbook) do not contain any icons/emojis etc.
    • If copied – please delete the icon/symbol before saving.
    • IPA is an official document – do not enter icons/emojis etc.
  2. Why can’t I select a class name in the Instructional Timetable (all grey)?
    • Check the instructional profile – on the Class Level item – it should be (example): Year 1 or Form 1 etc. as well as choose the right category & subject.

    • If wrong – delete the record & recreate it. OR

    • Coordinator – checks class level info when creating a class.

    • Also check on the Teaching Timetable – subject selection/time AM/PM – it should be selected, not written.

  3. Can I change/replace the Instructional Timetable?

    • Yes, please refer to information on the Instructional Timetable page,

  4. Can I copy/share my IPA record with others?

    • Yes, refer to the user manual regarding the guide for sharing records.

C. Question of material links to the instructional planning activities

  1. In the instructional planning, can it be linked to sites with resources such as Google Classroom, YouTube, etc.?
    • Yes – please refer to the user manual
    • Please make sure the linked material – can be shared by everyone
    • Otherwise, your link cannot be accessed by the administrators
    • You can insert videos from YouTube to your instructional site. Refer to the user manual
  1. Can materials such as images/pdf/word files etc. from local drive (personal computer) be uploaded to the lesson plan?
    • The material from the local drive that you want to link to the lesson plan must first be uploaded to virtual storage (Google drive/google classroom, etc).
    • From there it is linked to your lesson plan.
    • Make sure the link can be shared by everyone later
    • Images from Google image can be copied and pasted into the lesson plan


  1. Why does the language translation on the ASIE model always change on my computer?
    • Possibly due to the incompatible browser used.
    • Use Google Chrome browser – 1280 × 800 screen resolution for best display. Other browsers: examples: Firefox, Microsoft Edge-errors may appear in certain places